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Adult Caregiving

Adult Caregiving

Family life is affected by the demands of work and the fast pace of modern life. Parents turn to us for nannies, childcare services and adult-care providers to assure their families are being cared for with loving kindness. At Qutiepes Services, we understand the need to find someone to treat your precious children and family members with caring concern for their well-being. We realize that as a parent, family or guardian, you are seeking a care provider who is both experienced and reliable. As studies show, it is the quality of time spent with children and family members that matters most. For this reason, the providers through Qutiepies are well suited for caring for your children and adult family member.


We will want to learn about our clients needs in order to find the perfect match. Nannies will schedule an interview to suite your busy schedule. Typically, we will inquire about the number of family members being cared for, their needs and ages, schedules, and if a candidate will need to have a drivers license, prepare meals, perform housekeeping chores, run errands and/or escort family members on outside activities.


Nannies has experience working for multi-cultural families, giving us insight into what is required for the position. Qutiepies Services specializes in providing nanny and care services throughout the United States.


Our collective team gets together frequently to share experiences about everyday family life and childcare so we can build on our ideas and resources.

Adult and Disabled Care: We also offer providers for adult-care and disabled services including personal care and comfort, meal preparation,, errands, escort and home companionship.




  • are over 18 years of age and have a high school diploma

  • are legal to work in the United States

  • have at least 2 years of childcare experience

  • have been thoroughly screened

  • have been personally interviewed

  • have had a background check

  • speak fluent English

  • carry a valid CPR certification

  • can be reached at all times while with your children


We have found that every situation is unique. Each family has different needs, and each babysitter has their own areas of specialty. Matching babysitters to families has become an art, and each babysitter hired is carefully selected for their qualities. We offer babysitters who specialize in infant care, night nurse newborn services, as well as "kid sitters" that provide a fun, imaginative experience for your children. Our selection of babysitters is diversified, and each babysitter has the experience to match your family's needs.


we promotes safety as a priority and requires all babysitters to have a certification in CPR and First Aid. All babysitters are screened with a criminal background

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