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Mother and a Child


 Qutiepie wants you to succeed as a  professional. We recognize that the professions can be a highly rewarding, yet often challenging job. We will do all we can to match your skills and qualifications with a family that is right for you.

Fill out applications

We want to learn more about you! Share your childcare and or cleaning experience, philosophies, certifications and training in order for us to best match you with a family. Discuss your needs, preferred job scenario, and take the pledge and sign our Hands-Free driving guarantee!

Create your resume

Please email us a your resume. A resume format helps highlight your unique experiences , qualifications and more. It is the only document passed on directly to our clients (your potential employer) to help land you an interview. Your privacy is important to us and we protect it throughout the hiring process!


You will meet with us one-on-one either in person or via Zoom. We will work together to determine a convenient time that best suits your schedule. We look forward to hearing about the intangible characteristics that make you unique face-to-face!

Reference & Background check

After you have signed our Nanny Contract, we will begin contacting your references. We will also conduct a thorough background check on you which includes Criminal History, Driving Record,


Thanks for submitting!

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