The main benefit of hiring a housekeeper instead of using a maid service is the quality of work and attention to detail you receive from a dedicated employee. Maid services are generally not able to send the same cleaning crew every time, which can diminish the quality of the service.

By hiring a long-term housekeeper, you ensure that the same person will clean your home every time. A private housekeeper becomes familiar with your home’s layout and cleans with precise attention to detail.

Elite Qutiepie housekeeping personnel are highly experienced, reliable and trustworthy. We place housekeeping workers for long-term positions on a full-time or part-time basis (minimum of 4 hours per week).

Which housekeeping position do you need to fill?
- Housekeeper
- Executive Housekeeper
- Laundress

Fee and Guarantee:
Review our Fee Schedule. The fee includes a full search, extensive background check, and long-term guarantee. We commit to conducting another full search at no additional placement fee to you in the unlikely event that a hired candidate becomes unavailable or does not work out.

To start your search:
Review our Placement Process.
Fill out our Client Application and sign the Client Agreement. We will contact you within 4 business hours.